Caves and chasms of Périgord

Welcome to our oasis of tranquility, nestled in the heart of a region rich in history and hidden treasures. Just a 20-minute drive from our guesthouse are the legendary Grottes de Lascaux, a prehistoric gem that transports visitors into a mysterious and fascinating world.

Time travel: Lascaux and its cave paintings

Lascaux caves

Lascaux, a symbol of prehistoric cave art, is a window onto humanity’s distant past. The caves, discovered by chance in 1940, reveal an artistic masterpiece over 17,000 years old. Entering this underground sanctuary, visitors are immersed in a journey back in time, to when our ancestors left their creative imprint on the walls of the earth.

The Lascaux cave paintings, with their anatomical precision and captivating beauty, bear witness to the artistic ingenuity of the first Homo sapiens. Bison, deer, horses and many other animals come to life in compositions that evoke the harmony between man and nature. The carefully applied ochre pigments are relics of a time when visual communication was as powerful a form of expression as it is today.

A Precious Heritage Close to Our Guest House

For our guests in search of cultural adventure, the Lascaux Caves are a must-see getaway. Just a 20-minute drive from our home, this excursion offers a unique plunge into the cradle of human art. Whether you’re a history buff, an art lover or a curious person eager to discover the secrets of the past, Lascaux promises a memorable experience.

After an immersive visit to the caves, our guests can return to the tranquillity of our guest house, where modern comfort meets traditional charm. Our home becomes the ideal place to unwind after a day rich in discovery. Sit in our peaceful garden, soak up memories of Lascaux, and let the soothing atmosphere of our cosy retreat envelop you.

A Stay Rich in Cultural Discoveries

The proximity of the Lascaux Caves offers our guests a unique opportunity to explore not only the natural riches of our region, but also its exceptional cultural heritage. The Lascaux Caves are much more than just a tourist attraction; they represent an open window on our collective past, an invitation to understand and celebrate the evolution of human art and creativity.

Whether your visit to the Grottes de Lascaux is the starting point for a cultural adventure or an enchanted interlude in the heart of history, our guesthouse is ready to welcome modern explorers. Come and enjoy an experience where the past blends harmoniously with the present, and where every day is a chance to discover new horizons, whether through the mysteries of ancestral caves or relaxing in the comfort of our welcoming guesthouse.

Stalactite and Stalagmite Chasms: Underground splendors to discover

In the heart of the Périgord region, a series of mysterious chasms offer a captivating plunge into the depths of the Earth. Among these subterranean wonders, the Padirac, Proumeyssac and Tourtoirac chasms stand out as geological gems, revealing a dazzling world shaped by time.

Gouffre de Padirac: L’Abyssal Voyage, France’s first natural underground site, takes you on a timeless journey.

Nestled in the Causses du Quercy regional nature park, the Gouffre de Padirac is a gateway to a spectacular underground world. A boat trip down the underground river reveals a network of galleries illuminated by imposing stalactites and stalagmites. The majestic Grand Dôme hall invites you to contemplate the crystalline formations, astonishing in their size and complexity. Padirac offers an abyssal journey where natural beauty takes on a magical dimension.

Gouffre de Proumeyssac: The Crystal Cathedral

Nicknamed the “Crystal Cathedral”, the Gouffre de Proumeyssac plunges visitors into a magical world. An ascent in a gondola reveals a vault adorned with thousands of stalactites resembling suspended jewels. Subtle lighting intensifies the magic of the place, creating an atmosphere worthy of a fairy tale. Proumeyssac offers a unique sensory experience where nature becomes a work of art sculpted from rock.

Gouffre de Tourtoirac : Underground radiance

The Gouffre de Tourtoirac, the hidden gem of the Dordogne, transports visitors into a subterranean world of subtle beauty. Its vast chambers are home to delicate concretions, silent testimonies to millions of years of formation. A visit reveals a gallery of natural elegance, where the organic forms of stalactites and stalagmites intertwine harmoniously. Tourtoirac’s subterranean brilliance is a far cry from the more popular tourist trails.

True geological treasures, the Padirac, Proumeyssac and Tourtoirac chasms are portals to an underground world of immeasurable beauty. These exceptional geological sites remind us of the sculpting power of time and the magic that resides in the bowels of the Earth.